Support the American Kiteboarding Association

To all American Kiters:

We have started the American Kiteboarding Association.  The initial goal is to meet the requirements to get America a vote and a voice within the International Kiteboarding Association “IKA”.

I have started a non-profit, paid all the fees to the IKA and secured a web domain.  Now all we need is members.

Our goal is to get a group together this week and appoint an interim committee so we can vote at the IKA meeting in November. All the paperwork is complete so we just need to submit our officers. This group will initially be focused on racing issues that impact our members not only here in the USA, but also at International competitions.

We have a good opportunity to figure out where and why all the recent course and rule changes are coming from and get our groups opinions heard before it gets out of hand.  Lets get together and keep the sport San Francisco and America made great!

If you would like to join and have a voice with the AKA “American Kiteboarding Association” please submit a 20 USD membership fee to Paypal:

The membership fee goes to covering the startup costs of our non-profit, website and IKA membership fee’s. You will also be invited to join our American Kiteboarding Association Exclusive Facebook Group.

In the Notes section please include:

First Name

Last Name


Phone Number

Mailing Address


Thanks again for making this happen as a group,

Andrew Koch

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